Ozpost Shipping Module Subscriptions

Ozpost Shipping Module Subscriptions

$14.95 AU

The Ozpost modules are available for free download from our official website at: Ozpost.net.au.

All Ozpost modules have a 60 day free trial period. This means the software can access the Ozpost servers for shipping quotes for the entire 60 day trial period. After this period expires, the software will still contact the server but won't be able to receive quotes. An alert will display to inform you that you now need to purchase a subscription to access the Ozpost quote servers.

If you subscribe before your 60 day free trial period has ended, the subscription will be valid from the end of your trial (or current expiry) period.
Please do not update your subscription if you are having problems . 
Instead please contact us for assistance so we can help resolve the issue.

Please do not subscribe unless you have been using ozpost for a minimum of 30 days of the 60 day free trial. You do not get preferential support by needlessly subscribing. It is annoying because we know a support email is certain to arrive. Lets discuss the problem before tossing money at us. The ozpost module may not be a good fit for your store.

We want you to be happy with the service before accepting financial support. OK?.

Sometimes people assume that a problem means that 'they' have been blocked from our multiple Ozpost quote servers. This is never the case. Your store needs to be able to connect to our servers to check the subscription status. It can't do this if we block access.

For more information, please see our Subscription Information page on our website.

Once your order has been placed our system attempts to automatically update your subscription based on the STORE NAME and POSTCODE. The name of your store is found/configured under the global settings for your particular store software. This is not an Ozpost setting.

For WooCommerce: Settings->General Settings->Site Title.
For OpenCart: Settings ->Store List->Store Name (Default)
For Zencart: Configuration->My Store>-Store Name.

The postcode (if you don't know where your store is located) can be found in the ozpost settings for most systems. This is a copy of whatever has been set in the global settings of your store. Where there are two postcodes shown, specifically one for "Shipping From Postcode" and another for "Store Postcode", use the Store postcode. In most cases the postcode isn't needed for subscription updates to work. It is only relevent if/when two stores happen to have the same name (pretty rare) but if it *does* happen your subscription *may* be applied to someone elses store. That is why it is a required field.

If you don't know (or can't find) the name of your store <????> you may try entering your domainname or URL instead. This will generally fail the auto-update because there are often several domains/URLS pointing to the same store, eg mystore.com, mystore.com.au, www.mystore.com, www.mystore.com.au and our system has no way of knowing if these are the same store or not, and that is assuming a match on any one of the variants can be found.
The ozpost system itself does NOT use domain names or URLs. These are not recorded by our system. To find a match on these, the system scans the Apache log file from the previous day

If the system finds a match, the subscription will be updated *immediately*. If no match is found, it will take up to 24hrs for a manual update (longer on weekends and public holidays).

An email will be sent to you when your order has been placed. This will let you know if a match was found or not.
If you don't get an Email please check your spam folder.

You DO NOT need to create a store account in order to update your subscription unless you wish to pay by Direct deposit.


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