Ozpost Shipping Module Subscriptions

Ozpost Shipping Module Subscriptions

The Ozpost modules are available for free download from our official website at: Ozpost.net.au.

All Ozpost modules have a 60 day free trial period. This means the software can access the Ozpost servers for shipping quotes for the entire 60 day trial period. After this period expires, the software will still contact the server but won't be able to receive quotes. An alert will display to inform you that you now need to purchase a subscription to access the Ozpost quote servers.

If you subscribe before your 60 day free trial period has ended, the subscription will be valid from the end of your trial (or current expiry) period.
Please do not subscribe or update your subscription if you are having problems. 
Instead please contact us for assistance so we can help resolve the problem. We want you to be happy with the service before accepting financial support

Sometimes people assume that a problem means that 'they' have been blocked from our multiple Ozpost quote servers. This is never the case. Your store needs to be able to connect to our servers to check the subscription status. It can't do this if we block access.

For more information, please see our Subscription Information page on our website.

Once your order is received, our system attempts to automatically update your subscription. It first tries to match the STORE NAME and POSTCODE. If this fails it will try to match your store URL.

To ensure your subscription is updated automatically we advise you to enter your STORE NAME and POSTCODE rather than the URL.

The name and postcode of your store is found / configured under the global settings for your particular store software. These are not Ozpost settings.


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